The ending

I have absolutely no idea how far you are into development. I do however, know that you plan to leave the game without updates when you get finished. You as in majic Dave. (duh) I don’t know about all of you guys but I think a good game never really has an ending, just a point where you can say you have reached a point where you can quit with satisfaction. Now I think this point should be the space age. (That is, if the tech tree or whatever advancement system there is allows it) But think about the possibilities of you did this! There could be multiple worlds with different life forms (I don’t know if it would be procedurally generates or not) and each one having unique characteristics and personalities (friendly, warlike, etc.) Maybe you could design your rockets or let the people do it for you. That way you need to put a little work into your success. I don’t actually know if this is even close to possible though. I do know that if it is done right (which it always is with you, Dave) it would be freaking awesome. Tell me what y’all think.

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