The move to


I’ve started the process of moving from to It may take a few days for me to iron out all of the issues, please feel free to point out any problems you find. Emails probably aren’t working yet, and some links will be broken. But hopefully it all goes relatively smoothly. Thanks!


I had to re-send an activation email to activate my account, which was weird… All seems to work though! I did get the email.

It’s probably a good idea to redirect people from for at least a while… I was confused as to why the site had been taken down until I remembered your post about switching. People who don’t use Mastodon probably don’t know to look here.


Odd that email is working, that’s probably a bad sign! Thanks for pointing out the redirect issue. I have a wildcard DNS level redirect on the old domain, but I don’t think that covers subdomains. Hopefully it’ll be fixed now when the change rolls out.


The redirects still seem to be broken. just doesn’t load for me, IP could not be found.

I’m still reflexively typing “amb” to try to get to this forum…