The Name of the Game!


Okay, MFS has asked if name suggestions can be made, and I have, as a result, decided on how that should be handled. If you have more than one name to suggest please post them in this thread, one name per post. This means that in this thread multiple consecutive posts is fine. The no double-posting rule doesn’t apply here.

If you see a name you like then hit the heart on that post. That way we can have a running vote tally for each name. Please don’t start new threads for the name.




Nirvana :stars::hushed::milky_way:


First Light :sunrise::sleeping::sunny:




New Dawn


Ambient McAmbienceface




Escape To Ambience


LOL, can those posting joke suggestions please mark them as such. Imagine if Ambient McAmbienceface won!


Maybe he is seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


Mahi Tahi

(In Maori language this means: working together, collaboration, cooperation, teamwork)


Untold Horizons


Ambient Realms


Oceansong :ocean:


The Proving Ground


Wanderful World of Dave (JK)

or maybe just

Wanderful (yeah let’s go with that)


(Reference to “bios” meaning (course of human life or organic life and also being a computer programming acronym) merged with “scape” meaning landscape or extensive view)




This is the best name. No other ideas can compare.