The Name of the Game!


Expanding demesne


The best game name in the world (A tribute)


World Project (JK)



Blockheads 2 (Nah nah, lol. I’ll wait and think of a better one)


The Vast Unknown

((I like Ambience though))


Eureka! I’ve got it.


Explanation: obviously this is his company name but the game has potential for massive forests and jungles and as the game progresses, it could pertain to urban jungles as well.


Ambient Jungle?


Age of Ambience


As you gaze into the abyss, suddenly a pinprick of light appears. It grows, you see lights and colors upon it’s face. Black, brown and gray giving way to blues and greens, swirling in spirals and tessellations until you begin to see solid shapes appear. It is a newly born planet, congealed from the vapors of the nearby sun into an evolving and growing object. In the blink of an eye it changes from a barren wasteland to a thriving ecosystem. Your vision of time showing eons in an instant and suddenly it all slows again. The planet becomes colossal in size, filling your entire vision, larger and larger until you realize you’re falling, falling to the surface of this new world. Just before you hit the ground you stop, suspended over the surface of this wild land. With the lightest touch, flying and soaring, able to explore this new world, this new…



Mark, as in making a mark. Both in history of the game and in the timeline of your advancements.


Loricatus, a Latin word meaning protected. Or, Sine Loricatus, one without.






Peruperu Haka.


Are we allowed to vote more one name Milla?


You can “like” any names that you like and the name suggestions with the most likes will probably be in consideration for the game’s final name (correct me if I’m wrong). So yes. Vote/like any ones that you want to.


Ooh I really like that one.

@PorkyTheChop would you mind explaining yours…? I’m not sure what it means. It’s definitely not English.


It’s a war dance from New Zealand.


Does it matter if games already exist with some of these names? Hard not to overlap… I thought of 12 other names, that all were attached to other online games when I checked.:frowning:


Would they have been copyright protected?