The Name of the Game!


Hm no idea. I suppose when you vet the name yourself… you should just look to see who has developed the other game (or in what stage it’s being presented).


Maybe Horizon…? Idk I just thought of it


I would think Dave would want to stand out and not look like a copy of some other game or name.


Majic Realms


I honestly like the name how it is the best, most people already recognize the game as ambience anyway, the forms are already based on Ambience, MajicDave’s videos are based on ambience, and as I said I just like the name the best.

I’m just going to have to stick with Ambience. It just seems right to me. :grinning:


no mans earth

Jk jk,
I haven’t thought of a name yet, but I do like the sounds of new dawn/horizons etc…just because it sounds mystical ? Something that makes the audience curious that provokes further investigation


Settle Breeze Ambience.


Ambient Horizons



because you’re building civilizations. :sunglasses:



Uhh…it sounds perfect the way it is!


Or, we could just stay in ancient history…


Just want to point out Ambient McAmbienceFace is winning by 6 likes so far lol


I’m pretty sure milla and Dave have “veto power” in this situation. And I’m pretty sure it has already been vetoed.


I will point out the obvious. Though I’m sure it’s welcome to suggest names, the choice is not by democracy. If Dave sees a name he likes that has no votes, then he likes a name with no votes. We might want Dave to name his next kid Dodo Magroo and vote overwhelmingly that he must name his next kid Dodo Magroo, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do it.

Personally, I never realized how difficult it is to find a name that isn’t taken already by another game. I’m impressed that people have come up with such inventive names in any case.


Journey (Oops, movie name. lawsuit in progress)



Ambience is the best name possible!!

Names of things in Ambience
Clothes on the legs


Car that takes you to the hospital


Tiny animals that crawl on the ground


Some female relatives







I have it! After weeks of sitting by a computer researching popular video games, my dedicated team of scientists has come up with… (drumroll) Ambience! Isn’t it just perfect? Like, there is no other name that can even get to the level of the one that my team found. Wait, what’s that? Dave made up the name Ambience first? You’re joking… oh… oh ok… I’ll just go… sit down for a bit…


I’m trying to come up with names that aren’t one word…


I’m naming all my blockheads Dodo Magroo now :joy: