Theology will probably be in the game in some way, shape, or form.
How exactly, is a subject I’d like to expand upon.

Will theology give Sapiens some physical of advantage, like better hunting skill, et cetera (civilization 6 style)?
Possibly, but I suggest not.

I suggest it gives psychological advantages to your Sapiens, for example;
-Being more willing and getting more enjoyment out of certain actions (for axample fishing).
-How Sapiens choose their partners, wich sex plays what role, and what traits are considered attractive.
-Wether your Sapiens are monogamous, or polygamous, or if their social system is closer to communism or capitalism.
-How much they dislike intimidating, or humbling themselves in front of other tribes.
-Offering things will increase happiness.
Or perhaps you can think of entirely different ways it can affect their behaviour.

And how should gods tie into these preferences exactly?

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Do you really think theology will be part of the game? I wonder.

Hm. Would theology in a game like this ostracize some players, I wonder? I suppose if it were an entirely made up religion, no one could take offense.

This will be interesting to see if Dave plans on integrating such a thing into Sapiens.


I do definately 100% agree that all religion and theology must be made up, otherwise people can, and probably will, get offended.
Why I am so confident that theology will be added, is because it was such an important aspect of life, in the days that the game is set, and perhaps today. Now, I don’t claim to think it will be anything like so complicated and prominent as I suggested it, but I definately do think it should be added in some way, shape, or form. I am of opinion that if it was done as conveluted as I put it, it would add and improve to the game.

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I really like your idea and I’ve never seen a game use theology so realistically. That might be because I don’t know all the games though.
I hope you don’t mind if I copy your comment into one of my word documents for my future world building ideas.

edit: I just found out why you came up with that idea. You liked my comment on communism.

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I did indeed read your thread on communism and capitalism, but I only thought on that after having while typing the thread :slight_smile:

And I don’t mind you noting this down. I’ll take it as an honour :slight_smile:

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And I didn’t know this had an emote system. Huh. Good to know, I guess. I just typed : and ).