Timeline & research

I thought it might be cool if theer would be a sort of timeline. Meaning that you can’t craft or build thing that werent invented in the year you are on ingame. And also when its invented you need to research it.

I assume this won’t be the case because this game doesn’t try to mimic our own world.

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I’m also not a huge fan of artificially limiting what you can research or not just because “the time isn’t right”. In real world, people didn’t just wait with inventing a thing until it was “apropriate”. Technology shoud be limited by natural requirements, not by a timer.

The reason i said this is because it would be very easy to cheat a gun in when ur in the stone age.

do you mean get to the technology before everyone else? kinda like in Civ, as in you could be several ages ahead of other players, especially AI players.

because when you talk about cheating it’s easy to “cheat a gun” regardless of what restrictions you put on the normal, non-cheat, gameplay. the whole point of cheats is to get around those restrictions, and they will exist.

In real life some civilizations advanced faster then others due to resources or other things, so it would make sense that you could advance past other tribes tech. Research and resource requirements should be a thing, but not time. Also it would not make sense that a civilization who lives in resource-rich areas would be the same tech level as a civilization in a barren low-resource area. Also not having time requirements for tech would allow for culture variety, like a civilization that lives near water will probably develop boats rather then carts since it suits their lifestyle.


It sorta makes sense that some tribes will highly specialise and advance in one field over others for instance the Egyptians didn’t have the wheel when they built the pyramids but their masonry was amazing

the way I look at it, I would like for there to be a progression of technologies based on the skills and knowledge your sapiens have, I don’t think you’ll be able to make massive leaps through technology but at the same time it might create more diverse populations if their technology developes based on their surroundings and needs, so I hope it won’t be a linear timeline but still restricted by what materials and knowledge your sapiens already have