To Dave

I can’t wait to play this game :D’ I just watched the “Five Years of Indie Game Development - Sapiens”-video. I really liked it and I love the game! Unbelievable that you have done this all by yourself and that you have come this far. I’ve always loved that kind of game - though they’re often in 2D, and it’s really good to see that your game is in 3D - I think we’ve been missing that. I really hope to be able to play the alpha when it launches, although unfortunately, it seems unlikely :confused:
Good luck with the game! I really think it’s going to be great!
This is almost like the game I’ve always wanted.
Keep up the good work!

-Viggo (a BIG fan of the game!)


^^ This, had to come give it another look in. Excited for the closed alpha testing.

Mad respect for exposing an API, so used to doing it all myself and here’s someone else doing it for me… all by himself :open_mouth: the cycle continues.

What do you mean by exposing an API? What does API stand for?

I guess I’m always late to the party, but API (which you might have googled by now) stands for application programming interface, and it’s what allows other applications to make use of yours. think of your mail client calling your calendar, your netflix plugin for chrome or anything like that.

mods need an api into the game engine, and sometimes the community makes one themselves. i believe that’s what the skyrim script extender was all about, for example. Dave, on the other hand, provides the necessary access to almost everything, so i believe that was the point OPVL was referring to.

Thanks. Now that you mention it, I’ve heard of API before. But I wouldn’t have guessed the context of it. Thanks for explaining.

Hi Dave.
I know you are reading all comments on this forum. I have a little suggestion. To at the same time show what topics are helpful and to motivate people in writing good comments it would be great, if you liked a few comments. Liking a comment doesn’t take any time at all (if you are logged in) and it shows your interaction with the forum-community with no additional effort on your part. I don’t ask for writing answers yourself. As a person who likes to do that I know it can take quite a while.
Thank you for your job

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