• First tools: “stone” and a “branch / stick”
    Stones would be useful to “smack” things. You could sharpen them (sharped Stone), to make rudimental knifes.
    Branches are useful for beating stuff, feeding a fire …
    A branch on fire is a rudimentary lantern, very useful at night
    A sharpened branch is a spear

  • Eventually you would discover “rope” – with branches and peel from logs; and could connect stone and branch to make “axe”, “hammer”, “knife”… “fishing rod”
    So, Chopping down trees would not have happened in the beginning. They would need to tear down the bushes before that. Only after learning “axe”, would you be able to chop down a tree. So maybe they could “shake” trees, to make some branches fall, and leaves. Only after learning an “axe”, could they take the tree down.
    With ropes only, you can make a “net”
    Also with ropes, you can make a bag, very useful to carry fruits / branches / leaves / fish

  • You can use dirt + water to make mud that, when dried makes ceramic, useful for recipients, that can carry water. This way you make bottles and pans and ovens.

  • After that, when you have metal, you can make stuff out of it, so real weapons and shields…
    You can also you sand to make glass

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