Hi, i ask here just one question. Do you know if there is a project to translate the game and all the platform of communication like discord (With a channel) or the website in other language. Somebody can have this task now or in the future ?
If it’s in progress, do you want some help for the traduction (Explanation, Tuto…) ? Not necessarily my help particularly…

From discord:

majicDave 06/23/2021
There isn’t anyone hired to translate to any languages currently, but I’ve been designing the game to make localization as easy as possible. Initially for early access launch I think English will be the only officially supported language, though there may be some mods for other languages. We’ll see how it goes from there, I might hire translators, or the community might create translations, but I expect there will be support for many languages at some point.

Multiple people on the discord have volunteered to make language-translation mods for the game.
Other than that, I am not aware of any translation plans.