Transport and Travel

Since building/eating (using the resources in general) is made with the resources close to the sapien doing it, I think transportation of goods and people should be made a priority for this game (just like storage)

People need to gather / collect resources, and, as the game progresses, these materials will be farther and farther from the colony. For example, trees brought down for wood. There will be a time when carrying logs by hand will no longer be handful.

How then?

  • Sleigh
    At first, sleighs would be rudimentary, made only from rope. Then they would evolve to being made of wood and rope. Both pulled by hand. Finally, fully wood Sleigh, pulled by beasts (cow)
  • Cartwheel
    After sapiens find the wheel, they would soon discover the wonders of cartwheels.
  • Wagon
    The final form in the medieval ages. Pulled by cow / horse, it can carry a lot, and fast.

About traveling, people must be moved as well.
They can, obviously, walk. But, in large groups, walking is not feasible. Especially in long distances.

  • Horse (for up to 3 people, on a very tired horse :P) / cow / donkey
  • Sleigh
  • Carriage (first a small one, 2 wheels, then a medium, 4 wheels, big one, like a medieval bus, 6/8 wheels)

Traveling and Transporting goods over the river/sea is also a must, with a raft at first, then small boat, then big boat