Tribe Clothes

I probably know majicDave working for this with the tribe’s clothes but since I only see underpants and from to, nothing like naked body so here’s what I like to ssurges.
A lot of clothes on their body a least worth it and I just didn’t know what the name of that cloth since there’s a lot of tribe on history so I think the recipe for clothes leather with white yarn and probably feathers as on their hair and from their clothes there’s also a feathers design with long hair.

Maybe they’d have flags too? Just a thought.

Probably they used the symbol tattoo or on their skin and from their clothes it symbolizes we’re tribe you are from houses too like an ancient paper that we’re could you write something as like that. Forgot maybe necklace too because you can design it with a little symbol as you are part of your real tribe.

A tattoo of majjac jungle’s Logo! :wink:
(Please help me spell the word ”majjac”.)

Majic, there you go. :grin:

A Majic Tribe Clothes that how it called XD