UI suggestion

In devblog 27, currently the most recent one, Dave mentioned the stone-looking UI.
What if you unlock more styles of UI as you play the game?
For example when you first discover papyrus and ink, you can get an steam achievement for it, and it unlocks a new UI style wich looks like ink on papyrus, or when you discover bronze working, you unlock a style wich looks like sheets of bronze with letters carved into them, or the same with ceramics and paint.
My idea of it is that in the main menu, and/or somewhere in a menu in-game, there is a button or a tab reading ‘UI styles’, or something similar. When you click on it it lists your locked and unlocked styles, wich you can click on to choose your preferred style.


I really love that idea. I just don’t know how well the logo would fit in later civilizations. I just tried to imagine the same logo in a digital sci fi look.

Would you keep it the same?

Would the style change back to earlier styles automatically if you connected to a less advanced world, or would it be static unless you changed it, once you’ve unlocked them?

Maybe it should default to following the ages but there could be an option somewhere for people with a particular preference to lock it to something they’ve unlocked, with the research tree still indicating current tech level(s) per world.

It is also possible, like you are saying, that it just changes automatically when you progress.
My vision of it was the styles ‘unlocking’ one by one, each (or just some) giving steam achievements.
So if you made papyrus and ink in any save, it’ll be added to your device and/or steam account, and you’ll be able to change between all your unlocked ones at wish.

The logo of the game could either change to ink/bronze/ceramics/etc, or you could have a little stone or pebble with the game logo (and possibly name) added in the menu somewhere.


You could have a chosen UI style for SP but have a set one (based off the current level of the world/most advanced tribe) when you join an MP world (easy way to share a lot of information quickly).

In regards to MP, there could be an option to turn the UI change on/off (stays at the chosen UI, like SP).

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