Unofficial Ambience Discord server


Has anyone made an official Ambience Discord? If not, I’m happy to do that, as soon as I get Milla or Dave to give the go-ahead. @milla can you tell me if that’s ok? I’ll send an invite too Dave through the BH beta server if I can.

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I was going to ask about this too but I think it’s really really early for one. Dave is the only person that has played the game so far.


I’m not sure there will be an official discord server for ambience as that would mean that milla would have to moderate it as well. However, unofficial ones are probably fine:


Ok. Making an unofficial Discord.


Could I help manage It or like be an admin? I’ve owned many in my discord lifetime and have became admin in many.


Sure. Just getting it up and running now. I’ll find a link for ya!


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If this is true, you might want to change the thread title.


Done. thank you for the reminder.

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I have Discord, but I’m currently trying to spend less time staring at it. I’ll stick to these forums for now, but I’m sure others will appreciate the creation of that server. :ok_hand:

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Sorry. I thought I’d replied to this!

You’re most welcome to set up unofficial chat in discord.