Hii can you maybe use this topic to keep us updated on the progress of the game?..I’m really excited about where this game is going.

You are aware he posts video updates on youtube right?

Yes but the last video was about a month ago so maybe he can use this for a weekly update on the game progress

he wont do that as his videos and discord already cover what he adds. he hasnt made many videos as he is currently on a break

If you want more frequent updates, you should join the discord. As Ybot said, Dave is taking a couple weeks off.

His announcement from Jan 6:

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I’m still taking a break from Sapiens for now, and plan to get back to work in about 2-3 weeks. This year is going to be long and hard so I’m just making sure I get a really decent break and start fresh. I’m still really excited to work on it again though, and can’t wait to start sending some builds out to the first alpha testers some time in the first few months.

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YAY, Finally, you mention my name senpai!