Video Devblog #20 - Mammoths By Firelight

Video Devblog #20 - Mammoths By Firelight • In this video I show the new mammoth models, changes to the digging and order queuing interfaces, and the new particle engine and light sources. I’ve also added the concept of a selected person, to make it easier to direct them around individually.

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Awesome! Watching it right now and the mammoths walk! Good job Dave.

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Wishing my parents let me have YouTube on my phone…

Finished watching the whole thing, I do like the interface a lot. Chickens would be a great idea. Did you say something about fish? Sounds good too.

I just have this picture in my head of these guys running around chasing squawking chickens all over the place, with no hope of actually catching them. It takes kind of a sinister turn after that though, because I guess then they need to start throwing rocks at them to actually get dinner.


Why have chickens…

When you can have dodos? It is set in prehistoric times, after all :smile:


Spotted this guy hanging out inside a tree near the end of the video.



I’ve sorted that out already :slight_smile: broke it with my big order system refactor.

I like your name subtitle “disclaimer: subject to change”.

Awesome!! I Can NOT wait to play it! A suggestion for particles: Have seasons like in “The Blockheads” so snow in winter, leaves in fall, and maybe some seeds and stuff floating around in spring and summer!

Don’t worry someone already suggests the weather/season for this game and probably Dave working on it.


  • :slightly_smiling_face: