Video Devblog #21 - Grassy Goodness

Video Devblog #21 - Grassy Goodness • After finding some music that fitted the game, I realized the UI looked terrible, and gave it a makeover. I also implemented a snapping mechanic for building floors, added new stockpiles, and some new grass.

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Yay! I knew the game will be having a grass well it’s really part of this game and I’m really excited to hear what Dave composed song to be fitted for this game!!! I hope there’s more coming song! And the update ofc.

Edit: what a fantastic music you’ve done for fitting in the game! And I guess I’m right so I do not need to suggest that there’s more a lot of tree not only pine but there’s birch probably there will be an oak and etc. I like to notice to digging dirt with hands or with spade/shovel is satisfying!

I hope the trees too could fall leaves and more animation with trees leaves because of looks like clay to me. And is there will be a basket so this ambience character can take some items to take it another place not only handling each one with there two hands it’s kinda actually hard. That’s all I wanted to say and cool update!

Cool grass, perhaps the trees can be quite leafy too eventually.


AMAZING!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Yep, I’m sold on the grass. I’m liking the floor placing as well.

Just for the record, before Dave flew away for his holiday I went around and had a play. The grass looks awesome. There are a couple of situations where it doesn’t look fantastic, but it doesn’t look naff either, so I’m very happy with it. It’s enhanced the ambience a lot, no pun intended.

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Let’s hope he has a nice holiday!

“No pun intended”

Suuure :smirk: