Video Devblog #26 - New AI and Sparkly Water

Until now, the sapiens have had a sort of hive mind, where they magically know exactly who should chop down a tree and carry what where. In this video I show the new AI where they actually think individually and react to what is in their field of vision, including a lot of awkward hand waving. The game has now finally hit that elusive buttery smooth 60FPS, and I explain what it took to get there. The water has seen some more improvements yet again, and the new stockpiles are fully functional.

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Hi Dave

From my camping experience one of the most important things about fire is good wood. If it is wet it won’t really burn. Because of that having some kind of data on the branches on how wet they are would be more immersive for me. Especially, if you have to build a shelter for the fire wood storage and so on. That would be awesome. If you watch any outdoor survival stuff the first priority is always clean water. And the second one is having a dry place to stay. Especially for the storage, the resting place and the campfire (in that order). And it is very rare that people start with a dirt hut. That’s kind of advanced. At least until the campsite is set up.
I might be wrong though. Because the only thing I know is about people spending at most a few weeks in nature. And your people want to set up a permanent residence there.

Greetings Benni

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

There’s a suggestions forum specifically for this kind of feedback, if you’d like to share your ideas.

This is one of the most creative ideas for base-building games. It introduces the complexity involved with human communication into the game, potentially creating very important delays and strategy challenges for game play involved in tribe organization and drum roll ARMY STRUCTURE ARCHITECTURE AND FIELD STRATEGY that has never been realistic in any other game!
Also, it makes people more real, just cus the player did stuff in tribe X doesn’t mean everyone in tribe Y already know about it, and just because someone attacks your tribe at the north gate doesn’t mean the south guards are magically informed to run north
Great idea, a bit skeptical of your ambition-passion to fully explore it, but still excited to see it implemented as it is already “game maker revolutionary” fundamentally

I’ve never been on any forum so far. That’s why I didn’t even consider it. I’ll try it out now. At some point I need to start doing that anyways. Why not now.
By the way, this game is something I would love to do myself. But with my poor programming skills I better start with something a bit more manageable.