Video Devblog #29 - Thatch Houses

Video Devblog #29 - Thatch Houses Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been focusing on making the game more enjoyable to play, with usability improvements and lots of little bug fixes and tweaks. I’ve also added primitive thatch houses. Don’t forget to wishlist on Steam!

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Hei there,
wonderful work as always, i cant wait to try this out :slight_smile:

May I suggest to riconsider the idea of multiple biomes? Or at least to postpone it?
I think this is something that’s considered a “must have” because of minecraft, but if you think about it there is no real need for it (from what i understood of your game, at least)
Primitive people did not move to different biomes, they had no reason for that, and the player shouldn’t have either.
A single biome could easily contain all the different resources needed, just in different areas: in this way the player still has to move through the map.
You dont have to mind about many different 3D models, and replicate the same stuff for every biome, while focusing on improving the gameplay.

At the end, the only reason why I would consider different biomes are the different difficult levels they came with (like: savannah has a lot of aggressive animals, the mountains have cold winters, the swamp are difficult to move through, etc.) which is something “set” at the beginning of the campaign

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my opinion on the new carry system is instead of everyone always being able to carry multiple things, make upgrades for different tasks on individuals. for example when it comes to the bushes, after acquiring an upgrade you would be able to craft a basket from something (e.g. another plant added to the game, sago palms or similar?) then pick fruit with the basket. all different tasks would require certain different skills & add a next level of diversity. it will create a whole bunch more goals to work towards. Regardless I can’t wait to play Sapiens, it is by far my favourite upcoming indie game i have seen so far!

Yeah it is a great idea but i agree with you, Also i imagine this would impact the performance of the game dramatically, Not to mentions the amount of work involved in creating and programming every aspect of each biome. Dave has mentioned that he is striving to make the game playable for even people who don’t have a decent gaming pc, which i respect :smiley:

Different biomes takes time and effort to implement. I agree. If it takes to much, better improve the rest. But they would make trading much more interesting. Also traveling and the replay value increases in value.