Video Devblog #36 - River Based Terrain Generation

Rivers can be a bit of a problem with procedural terrain, so instead of trying to calculate rivers on top of perlin noise based terrain, I’ve instead started with the rivers and built the terrain up from there. I also have a whole new world creation menu where you can see a preview of the globe, and customize it before you start a game.

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I’m really upset about your plans to remove the ability to fly up high and zoom around. One of the reasons I was so interested in this game was so I could just fly around an imaginary world and see beautiful scenery. Please don’t remove this completely from the game.


This is something he was talking about for a while now. one of the reasons why he is doing that is, because the terrain generation can’t keep up with a fast flying spectator.
But don’t be too disappointed. You will be able to do that with either planes in the endgame or with mods.

It seems like an interesting premise but to add more varying lanforms possibly have some areas be based around a river and mabye some other places that are more hilly or coastal sometimes be more jagged/rocky/cliffed like shown in the beggining of this video 0lo0i2jT_BI (sapiens - four years of indie game play development) but without removing beachlike formations on coasts and still a couple rivers inland.