Voice chat

I don’t know if this is going to be something incorporated already, so I’ll put it under #suggestions. This is a team-based game, so I’d say it would be a good idea for some sort of form of communication integrated. It would greatly help for those without external apps (Discord, Skype), and is altogether easier to access.

You can voice chat (VC) in multiple categories:

  1. Server-wide (chaotic, anyone who’s connected to the same server can talk)
  2. Region-wide (anyone near you can talk to you, so good for parties/groups)
  3. Team-chat (anyone invited to your team can talk with you)
  4. Group chat (anyone you invite can talk to you).

I think it would be cool, but unnecessary to many because voice chat services only get better and better, and Discord at this time is super useful for voice chat.

I like it though


I think if the game provided text chat, that would be best. I tend to play games a lot when my parents are around, so I typically can’t use a microphone.


Voice chat can’t be moderated in the same way as text so that would have an impact on the age rating. Is there a target age?


I believe the minimum age for online voice communication is 13 years old. I don’t expect this will have an impact on the game, since it will be distributed on Steam and Steam’s minimum user age is also 13.

Are we sure it’s going to go on Steam? It may just be a website download, like Cosmoteer or Minecraft.

Dave said he was thinking about Steam. Don’t quote me, I can’t remember his exact words.

I don’t think it’s a good idea. It would be frustrating for players like me who can type/write english, but can not talk english. It would also be frustrating when some players spoke different language to each other, and the rest wouldn’t understand.

Many (younger?) players wouldn’t like the idea, they might feel locked out of the conversation when they aren’t allowed to voice chat, or are around family/friends at that time.


Sorry for not being clear, I had this suggestion with the thought of text chat already in the back of my mind. VC would simply be an alternative to the default chat.

@MummyK The moderating wouldn’t be so necessary, as there is a slimmer audience than the usual.

Most multiplayer games have server, or piece of hardware where the game is hosted. Since it’s connected to a certain area, it’s generally assumed that the people who are connected to that server speak that regional language. Besides, English is a fairly universal language. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t use it.

About feeling left out, there’s no reason to- it would be the player’s fault for not including you just because you don’t have VC. Besides, if you’re in a conversation with your friends, it’s a little discouraging to be talking to those who ignore you. That’s the multiplayer’s fault. If younger players don’t like the idea, because they’re not allowed to VC, I don’t know about that. Most players will be 13+, unless they get Steam anyways against their rules. I can’t vouch for everyone, but most are comfortable with it at that age.

I edited the OP to add more information.

I’m not sure how a text chat would work with VR. Voice chat makes more sense in that regard. However, I would prefer text chat as it’s a more passive form of communication.


It doesn’t have to be a one or the other thing, we could potentially get both. And there could always be parental restrictions to prevent kids from using voice chat.


I for one will not be playing this on virtual reality. I’m not going to buy a VR headset for just one game.

But for those who do happen to have and use VR, this game would be awesome. :grin:

I think for VR a voice-to-text reader like Siri does would be good rather voice chat

But then you get the people spamming w.w.w.w.w.w.w… over and over again, just like the discord tts bot.

Voice to text is unreliable and inaccurate, in my experience.


Indeed. It would be nice to get Dave’s thoughts here.

At the moment, my assumptions are that text chat exists but not voice chat, simply because great voice chat applications such as Mumble and Discord exist already. If Ambience had full voice chat support built-in, that would be quite a lot of work for Dave: not worth the effort when other applications exist (and are probably better).

As for how text chat would work in VR, what would be cool is if a message box appeared instead of on a HUD but in the world itself as an object that stays still. I’m not describing this too well, but it’s a good idea in my head.

I have to disagree with you there. Not only is voice-to-text unreliable as erickmatrix said, but it’s not as good as pure voice chat since the player has to stop to focus on the text box rather than just listening to what is being said. Unless of course you meant to say text-to-speech? Text-to-speech could work, but I’d imagine a robotic voice getting annoying incredibly quickly.

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I meant as a secondary option for those who want to use VR, but not Vocal chat

They are unreliable and slow, but for people who can’t use a keyboard, but don’t want to use their voice for everyone to hear, it’s not a bad idea

But if they’re speaking anyway, why not just transmit their original voice? I still don’t see the advantage of converting it to text.