Voice chat


I’d love to know where they idea that Ambience is a team game came from. I’ve never heard this before.

I’m not saying it won’t be. We’re not far enough along for that. I’m just wondering where it’s come from.


I’m pretty sure it came from Dave posting on twitter about multiplayer, for example:


Wasn’t Dave saying all through the video series that he wanted multiplayer to be a big part in the game? I’ve always imagined playing it with friends rather than on my own. And it seems like in a world-building game that teamwork would be more likely than competitive play, though both are possible of course.


Yeah, I definitely want people to work together. I don’t think I would call it a team based game though, that sort of implies a focus on competitive play, where I’m probably more focused on cooperative play, where players band together to help build and progress faster. We’ll see though, I can definitely see some opportunities for fun competitive elements in the game too.

Raiding Tribes

So basically like Blockhead servers?


Yes, multiplayer as a shared experience, rather than a death match.


Using “Those Externals apps” would be easier.


Please excuse my bump…
With my VR experiences (PSVR) it’s still pretty easy to press buttons and stuff while in your VR, as long as you know the controller well enough. So if you know home row you SHOULD be able to type chat. But it would kinda be hard to see the incoming messages. You could put in a button that would bring a message screen down. And if you are using a controller, maybe an on screen keyboard?


Always room for a battle arena.