War in game

Will their be player Vs AI tribe war, can they get allies, in late game will their be huge scale wars between huge sets of allies with guns etc

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i agree with this exept the guns because its a troibe game and guns were not invented back then

Yes, but guns may be added in the future if we ever reach the industrial age.

It’s supposed to get to the middle ages, so prepare for some sort of war. the basic principle is already there with Sapiens going on food raids.

though Dave likes to avoid violence unless necessary, i kinda hope for the diplomacy part to be very important and refreshing. we’ll see

I don’t know if this suggestion would count since this was suggested a long time ago, but I think having war in this game would be exceptionally hard. I have played ARK and I have never been in a full scale war. I don’t know how many people would be in one server, but one thing is for sure, Wars would be hard to organise. we could have a mode that there is only a few factions. That would thus improve the possibility of having a war. But that would mean going against what Dave wants.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t agree with comparing it to ark, seeing as this game to my understanding is focused on you leading a tribe as some sort of god figure, not actually being a character fighting others directly.

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Come to think of it, “Food Raids” reminds me of Spore’s tribal era. You/The AI can simply steal food from other tribes without hurting anybody, however you can also choose to attack them directly if you want.