Weekly Update #2 - Snapping

Hi everyone!

This week I’ve made some great progress on the building system. The big task was implementing a snapping mechanic, so all structural components now have a number of snap points, where they can connect up together. So far, this allows you to make large floors by snapping smaller bits together. Floors are also now actually part of the world, so the people stand and walk on them, whereas before they just walked straight through them. Now that the floors are sorted, It’s time to start putting up walls!



Oh nice how about the floor can be like little up like this line / to go up? Or you’re going to make stairs later.

How are you managing/going to manage placing sloping floor tiles? What happens if you snap a tile and the ground slopes underneath? Does the tile tilt upwards? Does it collide with the ground? Is it unplaceable until you clear out some terrain to make space?

You won’t be able to place floors on sloping ground, you’ll need to level it first, and initially all structures will be single story too. I will probably have paths and fences that go up and down slopes though.

I’m planning to make it so that if existing rocks or shrubs are in the way, the people will clear them automatically out of the way first. Not sure about trees. I hope to get on to that next week :slight_smile:

Does the world generation allow you to have ground above other ground (e.g. a cave)? I assume by “initally” you mean that you’ll be able to build multiple floors eventually, but what about the ground?

Are those small white moving things… chickens? :eyes:



A chickens, mammoth, sun flower, grass, trees, and I think I saw a wheat too close to the two chicken who laying down there heads like eating because you know chicken eat seeds or worms and grass.

Will buildings be able to fall?

The buildings in the air shouldn’t be fall its part of game the trees might.

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Sweet… :+1: :+1: @Brer-Rabbit Why, YES! Yes they are!! :open_mouth:

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