What kind of computer specs does sapiens run on?

Just something i want to know.

I own a Dell Optiplex 3020 64-bit operating system and x64 based processor with an Intel i5-4570S 2.9GHz 2 Terabyte hard drive with 16 GB of Ram running Windows 10 Home Version 21H1. would that be able to support sapiens if i were to ever get it in the future?

Hi, your CPU and RAM should be fine, it just depends on the graphics card that you have.

The HD4600 integrated graphics on that processor is not supported unfortunately, as it is not compatible with Windows 10. So you would need to use a dedicated graphics card. I recommend at least a GTX 960 or equivalent.


If your running integrated graphic i understand completely and i do you one better i have a RX 480 8gb I’m gonna test that in my system and see if it will run, then i have a really old card an HD 3050 amd card see if it will run with 1gb V-Ram why not i have test systems.

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Hey just so you know I have the game running fine on a system with a phenom II 1100T with 16 GB of PNY ram running at 2133 MHZ and the window’s 10 is running on a Crucial 500
MX 250 GB and a RX 480 Radeon Msi Gaming Cards so if it’s up to the task and if you have a little money to get a graphics card new power supply. She’ll run just fine -Minus the bug’s, but I haven’t experienced any so far.

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If you can’t afford a power supply, I have a few good ones that need a new home anyway. My email is rubypiggaming@gmail.com I’m willing to ship it with in the continental United States, across the ocean, and it’s too much but as long as you get your hand’s on a gold 80 plus power-supply and a reasonable graphics card, you should be able to play. Whatever you do try to get the card from Amazon/ Newegg little more pricey but the peace of mind unless you can buy used locally for a good price which used isn’t recommended.

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