What platform will this game be on

Hi I’m BeakBoi20 long time fan of the blockheads. I was wondering what platform will this game be on. Will it only be on PC or will it be released on console. I play on an Xbox so it would be pretty cool to play sapiens on there.


The game is currently going to be released on Steam for windows. though there should be controller support soon. Im sure the game will expand to different platforms after release, but for now, steam for windows.


please be on nintendo switch lite or ipad :sob:

iPad? No chance. Switch? Maybe… this game is too much for an iPad

If it really leaps onto Switch, I’ll be begging my parents for it just like Miitopia

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Actually it has a fair chance of going to switch considering their indie game collection.

All recent iPads are more powerful than the switch. Switch is the perfect platform for Sapiens though


True. Switches heat up really hot. I just think that maybe this game isn’t possible on an iPad layout. Would be cool to see it on mobile though

Xbox would be nice

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Yes it would be.
(Xbox gang)

Hate to be the guy to say it but if he’s not recommending, you play it on laptops my thinking is its not going to be ported unless by popular demand, it not just a drop of a hate to port to anything when your developing it by yourself. But if he does that would open the game to other people.

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I’m seeing a lot of contradictory messaging about the future of a Mac version. With the recent launch of the Mac Studio and Metal running like fire on the M1 range of CPUs - and all that juicy GPU goodness - it’s GOT to be viable. What’s the official word on this as it stands today?

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Dave would have to rewrite the game for ARM architecture. Also, he was using MoltenVK when developing the macOS version.

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From my own experience, it’ll most likely be available first on platforms that have a larger playerbase and maintaining those platforms will likely depend on the demand.

Rosetta exists

Of course, but the game wouldn’t be running natively and performance would take a hit.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple eventually removes Rosetta from macOS (just like they did with the original version). Rosetta only exists as a temporary solution. Its purpose is to ease the Apple Silicon transition. Once that’s over, Rosetta will be useless.

Yeah but also intel macs exist… If he makes it specifically for apple silicon then everybody with an intel mac will miss out on the game. If he makes it intel and use rosetta to play it will take a performance hit but will be open to many more people

He could just release the macOS version of the game as a Universal 2 application.