What platform will this game be on

Hi I’m BeakBoi20 long time fan of the blockheads. I was wondering what platform will this game be on. Will it only be on PC or will it be released on console. I play on an Xbox so it would be pretty cool to play sapiens on there.

The game is currently going to be released on Steam for windows. though there should be controller support soon. Im sure the game will expand to different platforms after release, but for now, steam for windows.

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please be on nintendo switch lite or ipad :sob:

iPad? No chance. Switch? Maybe… this game is too much for an iPad

If it really leaps onto Switch, I’ll be begging my parents for it just like Miitopia

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Actually it has a fair chance of going to switch considering their indie game collection.

All recent iPads are more powerful than the switch. Switch is the perfect platform for Sapiens though

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