Who can become a beta and test Ambience before it comes out?


Hello, I’ve just signed up for Ambience, and when I heard Majic Dave saying that there were going to be people testing out Ambience before it came out, I was so excited! I’ve only just figured oout the meaning of beta, and now I feel a bit lost. Who can test out Ambience? I’ve seen some people with a profile saying, ‘Ambience Beta’. I’m really eager know, and if Majic Dave selects certain people, then please tell me. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Ingeniare put it very well on the other forum.

Wait for dave or milla to create a topic regarding testing applications when the time comes. Until then, all we can do is create good reputations on the Ambience forums and wait patiently for the game to be developed.

The ones who say they are “Ambience Beta” are likely already beta testers for The Blockheads, so Dave is familiar with the players already and knows they can find and report bugs.


Don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little early for beta testing.


Pffft. Becoming a Beta tester is one thing. Qualifying for the ‘Decaf’ title, that’s a whole different story. :wink:


Well, without handcars, I don’t know what I will test.


Testing Dave’s nerves as you hint toward them with every update? :thinking:


I expect beta testings in early 2019.


That’s a good estimate.


Ah, but are you organic as well @Joe?


I hereby declare my first mod project to be a handcart mod. :smiley:

We should have a playable game by the end of this year.


Just asking, guys!


I don’t need any of this beta testing. I’m all for alpha testing!! The goal isn’t to crash the game, that’s a given, the hard part then is trying to get through without crashing anything!!

Let’s ask nicely for a nightly build that we can alpha test on!


Nooo! Another word? What is ‘alpha’?!


Well, beta testing is usually done just before a program is ready to be released. In theory, the developer has done as much testing as they can and haven’t been able to find any more bugs. They then release the program to the beta testers in the hopes they will find all the bugs they couldn’t find before the product is released.

Alpha testing comes before beta testing. Alpha testers expect to find many program crashes and bugs. I would assume that alpha testing would start quite a bit further out, once more gameplay has been created. Alpha testing can be done to ensure most of the bugs are out before beta testing starts. I would think a lot of small developers have a very close set of trusted friends or family that they would do alpha testing with. In a company, most alpha testing would be done in house by the developers themselves. I imagine Dave has done most of the alpha testing of his own games in the past. :+1:


Yep. Exactly as MrAuto says. The only thing I would add is that rarely in Beta testing are some features not working yet, or disabled. That is much more common in Alpha testing. I have been on some beta teams though where the developers acknowledged that some major feature wasn’t completely working yet.


Honestly I figured that most if not everyone here is hoping for a chance to help test out the game and to possibly put their two cents in about the content, mechanics, story, etc.
By the time I found Blockheads it was more or less done with testing and just had a few issues that were patched.


Even in beta some bugs are missed or not adressed!


That’s why there’s a series of bug fixing updates after a major update


Beta testing already? Wow…


Wait What?