Will Sapiens work in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1?

Will it only work with Windows 10?


What kind of computer are you using that has outdated windows? I’m guessing it’s old then, and it could probably not run a game of this size anyway, but if somehow you have a pretty good PC that you haven’t upgraded, for whatever reason, just upgrade.
Here’s a link:
Get Windows 10

I was asking purely out of curiosity. A lot of games still support Windows 7. A lot of games also support Windows 8.1, not to mention that it’ll be supported by Microsoft until January 2023.

I was more referring to your computer specs, not the OS.

My computer specs are great. I haven’t used Windows 7 for a few months now. I’m just curious.

Windows 7 is 9 years old, so if you don’t mind sharing what are your specs?

Why are my computer specs relevant? I told you that I haven’t used Windows 7 for a few months. Again, I created this topic purely out of curiosity.

Well if your curious I’ll give you an example; My laptop is 7 years old and even though it started on windows 8 moving it to 10 doesn’t make it run any faster, it just has more recent software. The specs are still old and insufficient and it couldn’t run anything more than chrome or word, yes? So this game wouldn’t run on that computer anyway, at least not well. There would be sub 30 frames and I would have to upgrade the storage to an SSD drive.
I’m asking for your specs because windows OS can run most .exe no matter what the version is. And I think that’s why you posted in the first place, to get an answer, sorry if I wasn’t clear.
You don’t have to tell me your specs, but based on the youtube vids Dave has posted you need a mid-range computer to run this game.

There are people who have mid-range computers that run Windows 7/Windows 8.1.

Ok pal

Uh, okay?

yes, how dare use an older os, terrible

Most windows 10 games from what I have seen will work on windows 7, not sure about 8.1 though.

You cannot be certain though.

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The RTX 2080ti works with Windows 7 :wink:


Nobody is actually answering the question?

Most likely yes, it will but there is always a chance it won’t, 7, 8, 8,1, and 10 are all based on the same frameworks in hopes that all programs will work in all of the operating systems I listed. There are always some things that need something that is only a feature in a certain OS but mostly everything should work. Also, this game is on steam so as long as steam is installed properly it should run fine.


currently testers are required to have windows 10, so I think it’s safe to say that at least for the moment there’s no support for anything below that.


The official word is “probably not”.

The latest Steam survey puts 64-bit 7 and 8 usage at 3.5%. My assumption agrees with what others have said above, that people who are still using an old version of Windows probably also have old hardware which won’t run it anyway.

So that’s a fair amount of work for me to maintain a separate version that is less likely to run for other reasons, and for a small and shrinking percentage of players out there. So it’s not looking like a good way to spend my time! Possibly after release if there is enough demand though I’d say that’s pretty unlikely too.


i wish the game wil run on my old Windows 98 and windows XP. LOLOL. :stuck_out_tongue: