World Of Ages?


Eh… maybe Ancient Ages, but I prefer World of Ages, since not all ages would be ancient, Dave described that there would be modern ages.


Future ages lol well Yes I prefer what Dave decision too I’m happy with it no doubt


World of AGES??? So there will be futuristic buildings, not just prehistoric? :open_mouth:

EDIT: Just read other comments and realized this had already been said. Sorry :grimacing:


Because of what @cloudrac3r said, and as I had the exact same initial thoughts, I’m not exactly fond of the name. I like the idea, and I like Dave’s though/reasoning, but as I was recently hammered with wordsmithibg I know that switching up words can keep a meaning while removing any negative connotation. Such examples then that I think work well (or better) without that “X of Y” pattern and connotation would be replacing “Of” with “Through” (ex: “world through ages”), changing the word order (“Aging World” (?? Not so good)), “Ages Through” (a bit better, I actually like this one as it leaves a bit of a question to draw your curiosity). Even “Ages of the World” or “World of the Ages” breaks that pattern while keeping the concept.
Just my thoughts. :slight_smile: May be a bit late by now, but I figured better late than never of course. shrug

The Name of the Game!

Through the Ages
(Although that name appears to be in use in a board game…)


I think its a fitting name. :+1:


Love the name idea, I name my blockheads servers with names like those. New game looks fun too


I got it
To get rid of the ‘X of Y’ format, you could do Ages Through Time. It gets rid of the word ‘world’ but I think this is a much more unique name that people wouldnt confuse with other games


I like this better than World Of Ages, but I also don’t think it’s the best possible name.