World Style


Are you ever going to change the hexagonal terrain or keep it same. I really like it but i do think thate the terrain tiles should blend better like in civilization 6 how all of the tiles blend realistically with other types and with water so it doesnt look as rigid. Other than that i really love the look of the game


Yes, he’s keeping the tiles.


Yeah i asked the same thing on discord and he said the same thing. I understand why they are the way they are though


Yes, I posted it here, since it’s a good resource for others to find and learn from. Chat is a bit more dynamic. We consider our forums in the light of a knowledge base :slight_smile:


I like them to be honest.


I think that a way to blend and fade each hexagon into eachother would make it look more natural


Yeah thats kinda what i meant. I like the hexagons i just want them to blend a little