Would ‘Ambiance’ ever be a VR Game?

The questions in the title :hugs:

If this thing happened since the game was going to release at computer it’s really going to be AWESOME!!!

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Yes. Related thread

I also now have it working on the Oculus Rift, so I chat a bit about that too. - Devblog #3

World Project is a work in progress game for Mac and PC made by one guy. It features a huge procedurally generated world larger than planet earth, and is designed to be experienced in VR, with support for the Oculus Rift, though it will also support non-VR play. - Devblog #8

There hasn’t been any mention of VR in a while, but assuming plans haven’t changed…

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Thanks, but these are a bit out of date now, and the priority has switched. Non-VR play is the main focus, but I’d still like to support VR, and am still keeping it in mind. So the answer for now is “probably”.